Egads, I miss scrapbooking!

I was doing okay with not having Photoshop. I really was. I am still taking photos. I am still recording stories here at the old blog-home. But then tonight at church we got to talking about scrapbooking and Ali Edwards and digital scrapping and the Katie, The Scrapbook Lady fixed her blog feed which immediately sent 2-1/2 weeks of her yummy posts to my Google Reader. People, it was like the universe aligned to make me miserable!

I miss scrapping and I miss sharing pages here. I miss telling stories with paper and embellishments.

And what really makes me sad is that when I gave up scrapping initially, to wait on buying Photoshop, I felt like I was just developing my real style. And now I worry that all the progress that I made there will be lost. I also really feel super-disconnected from the digi world. I haven’t been scrapping, so I haven’t been keeping up.

I am sorry if it sounds like I am whining. Maybe I am a little. There’s only a little over a month until my birthday and hopefully a gift of Photoshop. I can hardly wait!


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