Sunday Round-up

It’s been a wonderful, restful, productive weekend.

I spent some time Saturday scrapping and re-learning Photoshop. Getting over the frustration of learning another version of Photoshop and the joy of realizing that this version marries the additional power with features that I loved from my old version.

I listened to one full episode and a little of a second episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable. It’s a podcast about scrapbooking. I avoided it for a long time, because I was unsure that there could really be all that much to talk about, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. Most recently, I was listening to the most recent episode. I had to stop it about 20 minutes in to watch LOST, but it was into a very interesting discussion of scraplifting (copying or using another layout for inspiration). I especially liked what Stacy Julian and Renee Pearson had to say about treating scrapbooking like art students treat art. Study the “masters” – not just to lift their layouts, but really examining the why’s around what speaks to you in their style. I want to do this. I think it will really help me as I work towards developing my own style.

I sprayed the garden. One of my biggest challenges in gardening is learning to identify the multitude of pests that can destroy a crop, sometimes even before they get started. This week it was squash vine borers. Nasty little buggers. I caught the adults laying eggs on the squash, zucchini and cukes yesterday. Sometimes I let nature take its course, like with the peas – aphids invade – ladybugs followed and saved the few peas that we were able to grow. Not so with these nasties. I helped by spraying BT – a natural bacteria that kills the caterpillars.

Church was…hard. Financial difficulties are never easy to discuss.

Much needed naps this afternoon. Party Boy spent all day Saturday clearing brush at the property, so he was physically exhausted. I was just drained. I haven’t slept really well since allergy season started. It was a good recharge.

And then, of course, LOST. Watching the 2-hour recap with interviews and the 2-1/2 hour series finale. It’s the end of an era. I wonder. Is this how people felt when M*A*S*H ended?

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One thought on “Sunday Round-up

  1. noell says:

    I’m so glad you gave The Paperclipping Roundtable a try and that you liked it! I’ve heard a lot of women say they didn’t think they would, because scrapbooking is visual, but then loved it once they heard it. It’s been amazing to find all that we have to say about the subject and the visuals are not necessary!

    Thanks for becoming a listener! 🙂


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