Monday Mania

Who was totally into the LOST finale last night until the last 10 minutes? Oh, oh, pick me!

I felt a little better after reading this theory, but I am still disappointed that things weren’t a little more clear at the end. It was just…a let down. Not as bad as Seinfeld, though. Ha!

I was still fuming ths morning when I woke up. I couldn’t stay mopey though, we were off and running – gym class, errands, etc. I am catching up on the Stephanie Plum novels – got two from the library today.

Then it was lovely to come home, finish up some daily chores and finish up the pages I was working on from Animal Kingdom. I used a template from Simply Yin (#165) to layout the pictures. Love her 2-page templates for when I have tons of pictures that I want together. The supplies were all from Britt-ish Designs “Leave the World Behind.”


2 thoughts on “Monday Mania

  1. Ginger says:

    Okay, so you have these awesome pages. Do you print them yourself? Do you send them off to be printed? Do you assemble an actual book or is that something that happens when you order…if you order?

    The whole digital scrap booking thing is starting to interest me since I have seen some of the things you have done. I just don’t have the patience or time to do real scrap booking and glue things and do all of those embellishments. Do you still do all that in digital scrap booking?

    You should write posts about it! 🙂

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