Okay, so you have these awesome pages. Do you print them yourself? Do you send them off to be printed? Do you assemble an actual book or is that something that happens when you order…if you order?

The whole digital scrap booking thing is starting to interest me since I have seen some of the things you have done. I just don’t have the patience or time to do real scrap booking and glue things and do all of those embellishments. Do you still do all that in digital scrap booking?

You should write posts about it! :)

This was a comment left by my friend Ginger. Thanks, by the way, for the compliment! 🙂

Okay, so I have thought and thought about the best way to answer this. I mean, really, I don’t need to write a tutorial on using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, those have been done. These posts by The Daily Digi are really good. Check out the list on the right-hand side of the page!

And on printing – Yes, I print my pages. It’s more expensive than printing 4×6 pictures, but with multiple photos per page (usually), cheaper in the long run. Sometimes I print my pages at home, but most of the time now I print through a professional printer. I have had a good experience with ScrappingSimply.com, even though I am not a fan of needing to download software to upload, their quality of prints has been good.

The time question is an interesting one. I was a slllllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww paper scrapper. With digital scrapping I can complete a page in 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hours. It just depends on how quickly I can decide on a color scheme honestly. That doesn’t count interruptions or internet surfing.

To do a page from scratch takes me longer. The beauty of digital, though, is the availability of templates, which is a sort of “page map” that guides the placement of everything on your page. There are also quick pages (and whole albums of quick pages) where you just insert your pictures into a predesigned page and DONE!

The biggest asset of digital though, is the ability to work on a layout throughout the day. I can do a little here and a little there, saving as I go and never have to worry about someone getting cheet-o prints on the paper or cutting their hair with scrapbooking scissors. Yes, both happened when I was a paper scrapper.

Digital is also cheaper (for me) than paper scrapping. Tons of freebies and sales and the ability to re-use supplies indefinitely make it a much more cost-effective way of memory-keeping. Your mileage may vary!

Probably he biggest time commitment to digital scrapbooking is in really learning the ins-and-outs of your particular program.  Photoshop and Elements are both very feature-rich and powerful programs. Learning and understanding the best ways to use them can take a while. But, if you can commit to 30 minutes a day or so, I think it is entirely possible to become a very capable scrapper.

One final thought – There is no rule that scrapbook pages need embellishment. I tend not to use too many on my pages, focusing more on the stories and pictures, instead. So if you just want to group some pictures on a nice background, type up the memory hat goes with them and call it a day, that’s cool! That’s a memory that your family can enjoy for years. One thing I have never heard from my kids as they look at their own books is, “Gee mom, I am so glad that you chose that ribbon, or that paper, or put that button there.” They look at the pictures and read the stories. The rest is for me and my enjoyment. They couldn’t care less.

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