Take it away, Captain Chaos.

Hey everyone. I’m writing today because I think I finally succeeded in driving Mommy crazy.

I woke her up early today. I thought she would be excited that I jumped on her while she was sleeping. Well, she was excited, but not happy excited. My morning started with clearing out the Lego drawers. Then it was time for breakfast. Mommy gave me cereal and I opened the marshmallow bag and added my own marshmallows while Mommy wasn’t looking.

After breakfast I really had to get going – my schedule was packed with things like watching Dora, breaking the headboard in Mommy’s room, eating some lip gloss, and emptying the clothes hamper so I could hide in it.

By then it was 9:00. Time for gymnastics on the couch while Mommy is busy in another room. I also tried to feed the dog, spilled some water in the kitchen and used every dishrag in the drawer to mop it all up. Those kinds of messes are fun to clean up!

By lunch time I was starting to feel tired, but not tired enough to rest. After I ate and Mommy helped me to my room (against my will) I decided that instead of resting that I would climb the shelves in my closet and hang out there. I got bored with that after I knocked everything into the floor, so I started screaming for Mommy to come get me.

We took Hollywood to swim class which must have been a real break for Mommy. I went through all of the magazines and played in the water fountain while she was busy helping Hollywood get ready to go home.

I was good while Mommy made dinner. But only because she said I would have to go to bed at 6 if I wasn’t.

Finally. Dinner. Spaghetti! My favorite. I ate three helpings and smeared a little on my chest to slick up and then I tried to slide across the table to grab some more food off of Hollywood’s plate.

After dinner I helped load the dishwasher. I am in charge of the silverware and I did a good job loading it all. Then I unloaded it all back onto the floor. After that I was done. Apparently, so was Mommy, since I had some quality time in my time-out chair.

8 o’clock. Bedtime! Mommy reads me two stories and then I start crying because I just know that it’s going to rain. I cry and cry and when nobody comes to get me I go to check and do you know what I found? Mommy on the couch with a washrag over her eyes. Silly Mommy.


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