Friday Free-For-All

I will now share 10 things. Ten random things.

1. Super excited that Paperclipping has added the Digi Roundtable podcast. I listened to it yesterday as soon as it was released. Good stuff there! I swear, I never thought that listening to a podcast about scrapbooking would have me laughing. out. loud.

2. I had fillings done on Thursday. Boo on teeth that decay. Boo on cavities. Yay for no root canals (so far). <Sigh> Take joy in the little things, right?

3. We watched Ken Burns: The Civil War for school. We’ve been reading about it, but this is such a well-done and vivid presentation. I remember how I was so affected by it when we watched it in high school. I think I agree with Shelby Foote when he said that you have to understand the Civil War to really understand out nations history. Yes, the Revolution was obviously important, but the Civil War was truly the defining point for our country.

4. Cute 4th of July treats here that you can make.

5. I am reading The Happiness Project. And putting some notes on paper for my own Happiness Project. More details to come. Anyone else read this? Next up is Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Actually, I am reading that too. Hi.Lair.Ious.

6. My parents can text now. Very excited about that. Can’t tell you how often I thought, “I should text Mom/Dad about that.” And then, “Oh, they don’t get texts.” Not anymore!

7. Captain Chaos had a better day today. Not quite as destructive. Thankfully I caught him before he started painting the dog.

8. Made this

9. Made this and used the blog entry here for the journaling. I am so glad I have this blog for documenting the story of us.

10. It is finally the weekend. Unfortunately, it is supposed to be 100+ degrees. For the next several days. It is WAY too early in the summer for that kind of heat. Of course, nobody asked me…


2 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All

  1. Jennifer says:

    Dibbs on The Happiness Project after you’re done reading it.

    Isn’t Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the most wonderful and delightful thing ever?!

  2. Grandma Donna says:

    Love your scrapbook layouts!

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