Crazy Hot.

It was so crazy hot here this weekend. 100+ degrees. Friday night we turned the A/C up and went to a hotel. Party Boy had to be there – we just tagged along for the use of the pool. We swam for a couple of hours, had some dinner and were in bed asleep by 9. Ha!

Saturday morning we just hung out in the hotel room because we were going to be outside all afternoon. First we headed home to drop off the suitcase then over to pick up Pandagirl so she could make the birthday party circuit and spend the night.

Out to my Aunt’s house to celebrate my cousin’s little boy’s FIRST birthday!! That was so much fun! We spent most of the time in the backyard playing with chalk, bubbles, and trying to catch the goldfish in the pond with bare hands. I love first birthday parties best of all because it’s such a super milestone.

Then we headed back closer to home to celebrate the 6th birthday of the little boy that I babysat from the time he was 8 weeks old until he was 4. He is getting so big! That party was at a local rec center with an amazing pool and lazy river. The kids had so much fun there and the great thing was that since the water is pretty shallow throughout, even the non-swimmers were able to really enjoy the experience!

Finally, we headed home at 6 and ordered pizza for dinner. Rest. Relaxation. Whew!

Sunday morning church and then Sunday afternoon – chores. Ugh. We did get a lot of work done and discovered that we have a leak in the roof of the storage shed. Not good news as the puddles rusted some tools.

I spent a good portion of the evening watering the yard and garden, which were both bone dry. I fear we are in for a long drought… not a good thing. We didn’t even have our normal spring thunderstorms! We need some rain in a bad way.

I managed to get a couple of pages done in the hotel room on Saturday morning –

Journaling: We started Core 4 in our Sonlight adventure on this,our first week back in school for 2010. We picked up right where Core 3 left off, in the pivotal days just before the Civil War.

Our school days have taken on a familiar rythym over the last few months, starting with me getting up before the kids and having a quiet breakfast with the paper or watching the news. I wake the kids up and they eat breakfast while I get ready for the day, cleaning up the kitchen and checking the daily schedule.

Each day, we start with our toughest subject – Math. It’s not that it’s all that hard – the girls are actually pretty good at Math, it’s just that they focus better earlier in the day and that means less whining and complaining and more getting it done. From there we move into our other subjects – History, Science, Handwriting, Reading, and the girls favorite, Read Alouds. Sydney is also doing Latin this year to provide a good base for learning other languages.

We spend a good portion of our day at the kitchen table working on schoolwork, so it’s not unusual for Peyton to join us and want in on the action. He’s too little to really do any formal school, but that doesn’t stop him from coloring and inserting his opinions on just about everything that we do. I think we all love homeschooling, and probably me the most!
All supplies Shabby Princess.

Journaling: All my life I have waited for a white Christmas. Now that we finally got one? Not so enamored with the idea.

The snow and ice were certainly pretty to look at, but really trecherous for driving and getting around. This was the first year ever that  Mom and Dad missed seeing the kids get up and find their Santa gifts because of the ice and snow.

It was okay, but not everything didn’t go as planned. We missed having family over for the morning. Still a good day, just…different.

All supplies Shabby Princess.

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