Scrappy Inspiration

I read a ton of scrapbook blogs and look around quite a bit for inspiration. One blog that I love belongs to Stephanie Howell. She is a paper scrapper whose style I love.

As I have been considering my own style I have been paying a little more attention to layouts that I have seen and loved and examining the why behind my attraction to a layout.

Why do I love Ali Edwards layouts? The stories.

Why do I love Cathy Zielske’s layouts? The stories.

Why do I love Stephanie Howell’s layouts? You guessed it – the stories.

Of the three inspirational scrappers I listed, Stephanie probably has the least “simple” style, so I went back today and looked at her stuff again, asking – what is it about these layouts that appeal to me? After browsing her gallery at Two Peas I realized – she does amazing things with patterned paper. She combines patterns in a way that I never could/have. She also uses lots of black & white photos. Duh! You don’t have to worry about matching paper color to picture colors! How freeing!

I decided to give that a go in this layout, and I really like the way it turned out! I was surprised, but it all came together well, I think. I think I may go this route more often…

Journaling: I can hardly believe that it has been 8 years since you joined our family. I can’t imagine life without you!

All supplies Michelle Colman (MCO) and scallop mat by DeCrow Designs.

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One thought on “Scrappy Inspiration

  1. cara says:

    love it! I need to find more time to do the digital scrapbooking and learn more…

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