Silly Bandz

These shaped rubber bands have invaded our house. I am finding them all over the place. Captain Chaos loves them. He loves to wear them as bracelets and sits with me and tells me what each one is.

Hollywood owns the bulk of them. Well, until it’s time to do a silly band round-up when they suddenly belong to everyone else. This makes Captain Chaos very happy as he finds them and hides them somewhere. I know he has a secret stash somewhere…

Anyway, another layout done.

Journaling: I don’t remember what you did, only that you were in trouble. I chased after you into the living room where you climbed on the couch and started yelling – No yell! No yell! I Pepaw! Who could yell after that?


2 thoughts on “Silly Bandz

  1. Heather says:

    oh my — my kitchen table is covered with them right now. I was jsut thinking this morning that I need to make a page to document this crazy fad!

  2. Ginger says:

    My cousin has a whole box or two of them….you know….if you want more and all! 🙂

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