Today is not the day to be vague.

It was day one of Vacation Bible School. Reall, for me, it started last night –

I put Captain Chaos to bed at 9. That’s later than usual, but he slept during nap until 5. Whoops.

I went in at 10 to check on him and he was playing Mr. Potato Head. I put him back in bed. Locked up the house. Went to bed.

Party Boy woke me up at midnight. “Is that Captain Chaos crying?”

I didn’t hear anything. But, I went to go check anyway. Good thing. As I got closer I could hear him yelling, “MOMMY! MOMMY! HELP ME!”

He was, again, perched on his closet shelf, unable to get down. Lest you get the wrong idea there are storage bins stacked in his closet. He uses those to access the shelf – it’s about 3 feet high – so, he could get down, but he’s like a cat in that going up is always easier than climbing down.

I gave up and let him sleep with us.

At 1:30 our geriatric dog started whining at the bedroom door. I leaped out of bed (as only someone who has ever owned a geriatric dog will understand) to take her outside. She was out for about 30 seconds and then wanted back in. Hmmmmm.

Turns out, I think she developed amnesia about eating and was demanding to be fed. At 1:30 a.m. This did not a happy owner make. After determining that she was not giving up on the idea that she needed to eat in the middle of the night I put her leash on her and moved to the couch where I could hold the leash and still sleep.

She whined for another 45 minutes.

Yahoo! The alarm goes off and we’re up and moving to go to church.

The day went well. There’s always hiccups on the first day, but we survived and all of our 3rd graders appeared to have a good time. Except the ones that hate music. And motions to music. They insist that singing and performing of any sort causes them physical pain. Being the mean teacher that I am I still made them stand there and suffer through it. What can I say? They lived and didn’t seem to suffer any permanent damage. And by the end of music they were participating and smiling. Unless they were grimacing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

They also learned that they should just come out and say what they think/need. Cause skating around that stuff when I have had approximately 3 hours of sleep? Yeah, not pretty.

By the end of the day they were pretty okay with just spelling things out for me. Clearly, I could have used a mid-day coffee. One of the boys even offered that up as a suggestion. Sweet kid.

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