Can I just read the Old Testament?

There’s something special about elementary aged kids. I mean, come on. They’re hilarious. And they never hesitate to laugh at bad jokes. And bad puns. Although you sometimes have to explain, which you would think would make it even less funny, but in fact makes it more funny!

Today was a good day. The dog still woke up and begged to eat at 3 a.m. but went back to sleep fairly quickly. So, more sleep = a less sleepy teacher. Add to that it’s the second day of VBS and everyone getting into the groove and well… happy day.

These guys totally exceeded my expectations in the classroom front too. They listen to the story, pay attention to the speaker, participate in the activities and even do it all with enthusiasm. Can’t beat that.

It’s days like today that make all the prep work and decorating and time spent feel worth it.

Even the bargain making.

Child A: I don’t like singing and dancing. Do I have to?

Me: Yes, you need to participate.

Child A: Can I just sit and read the Old Testament?

Me: No. You need to participate.

A: But it’s the Holy Bible.

Me: Still. Participate.

A: <Deep, tortured sigh> Okay.


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