No news is good news.

Today was another great day at VBS. We were really blessed this year. Our class is well-behaved. Our helpers are eager to be involved and willing to jump in and do anything you ask.

And it’s already Wednesday! Usually the kids are tired and starting to get cranky by now, but I have yet to utter the words, “Get. it. together.” And nobody has had to say it to me either! Happy time!

My girls learned a lesson though. Hollywood’s teacher has been, in random freetime, been teaching the kids cat’s cradle – you know, with string? Anyway, we got home and she wanted to show us what she was learning. She got out the roll of like, 10,000 feet on string, and cut off a little bit. MOTS did the same. Then the details get fuzzy. Nobody knows who left it in reach of Captain Chaos. All I know is 10,000 feet of string can be strung around our house in approximately the length of time it takes me to go get the mail and makes a pretty neat spiderweb effect.

The girls were not pleased. It took them way longer to clean it up than it did Chaos to string it up.

Lesson learned? I hope so. Next time it might be finger-painting with nail polish and that would be way worse…

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