When we got home from Chicago the first thing that the kids asked?

“What did you bring us?”

Party Boy answered – “Socks.”

They were non-plussed until they saw the socks!

Got these for MOTS. She loves them. She has decided that she will never wear matching socks ever again.

These were for Hollywood, cause she LOVES hearts. She loves her socks too.

Captain Chaos is passionate about everything dinosaur, so he had to have these.

He also got one of these.

He named it Alien Squishy. I like it.

We also got each of the girls a backsack to match their socks. Those are great for toting things around.

And we got it all here.

But, you don’t have to go to Chicago to get awesome socks. You can get them right here.

I may even ordermyself a pair!

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3 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. Amy Clayton says:

    I love Littlemismatched!!! Glad your babies do too. If I ever happen to visit Chicago again, I’ll have to go there.

  2. Abby W says:

    Matching socks are highly overrated! I personally refuse to wear socks that are normal colors or do not have funny animals or characters on them.

  3. Patti says:

    OMG! My dd LOVES socks of any kind! The funkier, the better. She’d be in heaven in a store like that! I’ll have to show her that website.

    On second thought… maybe not. 🙂

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