Birthday Fun + Scraps

Yesterday was my birthday. Actually the fun started close to midnight as the Facebook stalker feed updated and birthday wishes started rolling in. I love Facebook birthday wishes!

Last night Party Boy and I went to dinner (Chili’s) and a movie (Grown-ups). The movie was hysterical and in hindsight, really pretty clean. I don’t recall any curse words (unless shizz-nit counts, which it doesn’t, for me), although there was some innuendo. Nothing I would feel that I needed to fast forward through if my kids walked into the room. The overall message was nice, too. Pretty surprising to me, given the cast of characters. Anyway, we laughed hard and really had a good time and now I seriously want to get “chocolate wasted!” 😀

It was a hoot to go to the movies last night, too. Since the new Twilight movie (no, I won’t be going) was released at midnight we were treated to 1) a line outside the theater in Texas = muggy, hot, sweaty fans. Yum. and 2) theater workers in costume. The guy taking tickets inside was dressed in jean shorts and a tank top. At first, I was like, “Did they do away with uniforms?!?” But then, the popcorn girl had blood running down her chin and I figured out what was up. Weird.

It was a good birthday. Quiet and enjoyable. Plus, we got some rain, which makes my gardening heart very happy!

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Fun + Scraps

  1. Patti says:

    I’m not surprised Grown Ups was somewhat clean. My niece is a HUGE Adam Sandler fan and apparently he’s made a promise to make movies his kids can watched. He realized that his kids wouldn’t be allowed to watch any of his earlier movies because of the language, so he’s cleaning it all up. Good for him. 🙂

    And Happy Birthday!

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