I thought I was done with my Disney pages. I thought I had told the stories in overview and that was all I needed to do. Then I started browsing over at Mousescrappers. At first, it was just nostalgia for Disney and building excitement for going back later this year.

Then I started posting some of my pages and I realized that there were more stories to tell and more pages needed to be done. More details that might be overlooked.

Which resulted in –

Journaling: Lunch in the Magic Kingdom was at Cosmic Ray’s. We all had simple fare – burgers and fries and chicken nuggets. The food was good and we enjoyed listening to Sonny Eclipse while we ate. It was nice to sit down and enjoy a quick bite before heading out to conquer Tomorrowland.

Credits: Paper, scribbles, and stamp frame – 2 Little Pixels Pixel Pack 3, Glitter Style – Flergs (recolored), Glitter stitches – Vinnie Pearce Punch Elements (recolored)

Journaling: As we were walking through Frontierland to go get Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad we noticed that Donald and Goofy were out. Party Boy went on to grab the Fastpasses while the kids and I got in line. We waited only a few minutes before it was our turn. Captain Chaos was nearly jumping out of his skin in his eagerness to say hello. He made a beeline for Donald and gave him a big hug. They talked for a little while before he tried to convince Goofy to come with us!

Journaling: (under Donald) Captain Chaos tried to talk Donald’s ear off while he had his attention. I think that Donald runs a close second to Mickey in the character rankings. He kept hugging Donald and kissing Donald’s belly since he couldn’t reach Donald’s bill at first. Donald was very patient and loving right back.

(Over Goofy) When Captain Chaos moved on to Goofy he immediately grabbed Goffy’s hand and led him away from Donald. I think he was trying to bring Goofy with us. He was slightly disappointed that Goofy wouldn’t go, but he got over it long enough for pictures.

Credits: Paper, stitches, frame – Britt-ish Designs Leave the World Behind, Doodle border – Pamela Donnis Borderlines, Photo Actions Old West, Boost, Sharpen by the Pioneer Woman

Journaling: This was Captain Chaos’ very first roller coaster! He was nervous at first but quickly got into riding with his hands up and everything!

Credits: Funky Fresh by Z Pink Boudoir Designs

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One thought on “Inspiration

  1. cara says:

    great pages… I wish I was I could get pointers from you! and I love love love disney!!!

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