Scrapping my way across France.

Not in the literal sense, mind you. But, as I watch the Tour de France I work on my scrapbook pages. I watch Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador do amazing things on bicycles. I watch Lance Armstrong and Team RadioShack fight for time after a string of bad luck.

And in the sometimes long stretches of just plain pedaling, I scrap. I don’t worry about missing much since we have it all DVR’d.

I espcially love the shots of the French countryside and the huge old castles and manor homes and the mini-history lessons provided by the announcers. It’s been a tough Tour so far, lots of wrecks and general carnage. Amazing how the doctors do minor repairs on the riders hanging out of car windows!

Anyway, here’s three more pages I did watching the Tour:

Journaling: It was a warm afternoon in the Magic Kingdom and we decided to find a snack to help us cool down. Mickey Bars fit the bill! We all enjoyed them for the first time that day. Some of us more than others!

Credits: Papers, alpha, ricrac and bow from Memories, a Sweet Shoppe Collab. Popsicle stick from Tropical Popsicle by Peppermint Creative. Scallop Mat by DeCrow Designs, Font – CK_Ali’s_Hand

Journaling: Everyone loved riding in the teacups, especially after the girls figured out they controlled the spin. Party Boy had to hold them back since Captain Chaos was with them. I didn’t ride – my tummy isn’t tolerant enough for that!

Credits: Papers, glitter – I Want Candy by Jennifer Barrette and The Design Girl, Heart Button – Simple Pleasures Sweet Shoppe Collab, Stamp – Pixel Pack 3 by 2 Little Pixels, Fonts – Stamp Act Jumbled and CK_Ali’s_Hand

Journaling: After dinner the kids got to order a very special dessert – they each got their very own Mickeylodeon! It was the perfect dessert to wrap up a day in the Magic Kingdom. They talked about this ice cream for the rest of the trip.

Credits: Remember the Magic by Digital Scrapbook Designs by Athena Gray

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2 thoughts on “Scrapping my way across France.

  1. Scrapping my way across France….

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. cara says:

    your’s are soooo good! I want a mickey bar…

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