Camp 2010 – Best Camp Ever

Allow me to count down the top 10 camp moments:

10. Our speaker (JMS) joined us for Wednesday night dinner. We re-enacted it right down to the seating arrangement. JMS was the baby because he sat at the end of the table where the highchair usually goes. Hilarity ensued. As usual.

9. We learned how to kill the many crickets with a bandana. Good times.

8. I learned that my family group was way more brainy than brawny. And they all had awesome senses of humor. We clicked. It was amazing.

7. The Old Spice man made a visit to camp during the circus performances. It was hysterical.

6. There were bats living in the chimney in our cabin. Awesome.

5. Someone saw a ninja. I hear he was pretty ninja like.

4. I played kickball. I kicked the ball and it didn’t go foul. I felt like a pro.

3. Food of choice: Nutella. That’s all I have to say about that.

2. We had a leaping spider in our cabin. Party Boy and an accomplice came down to dispose of it after it leaped into a suitcase. When it was located the accomplice shouted, “That thing’s as big as a waffle!” and a new catchphrase was born.

1. Many students got closer to God. Some for the first time ever. Brilliant.


One thought on “Camp 2010 – Best Camp Ever

  1. Jennifer says:

    Crickets… most fun ever, even though I missed most of it.

    Little Man’s replacement… sigh…

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