Mini Photowalk

Scott Kelby, Photosho and Lightroom guru, has this Worldwide Photowalk every year. I missed participating in the official photowalk. Bummer.

But, when the kids were hanging from the rafters and threatening bodily harm to each other this evening I had the bright idea to have my own mini-photowalk. It was also a good excuse to run some actions and play around in Photoshop.

Actions: Pioneer Woman Boost, Coffeeshop Vintage

I love that last one for the expression on his face. He was really frustrated with me because we “didn’t go to somewhere” on our walk. We just made a loop. The picture was taken right before the dog decided that she wasn’t going to walk anymore and she laid down. I had no other option but to throw her into the stroller basket and continue. She was happy, I didn’t have to carry her. It was a real win-win. No pictures though. We were both too embarassed.

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