Potty Boot Camp + Happy Things

Captain Chaos will be 3 in October. He could be using the potty. He hasn’t. I could be done changing diapers. I’m not. So Monday we started potty boot camp. All this means is that we won’t be using diapers except at bed times. Day 1 went well. No accidents and stickers on the potty chart – working towards an ice cream cone and a Buzz Lightyear toy.

He’s totally taking it seriously –

Totally ripping off Wild & Precious here (thanks!) – here’s what is making me happy these days:

1. Planning school assignments and getting back into a routine.

2. Twitter. I have found more happy things through Twitter than I thought possible.

3. This layout – love how the circles turned out.

Credits: All from Little Boy Blue by Karen Funk except date stamp by Stolen Moments. Font – Antipasto.

4. Learning about a breed of dog I had never heard of – the Chiweenie. It’s a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. And it’s fun to say. Say it with me – Chiweenie!

5. A free journaling class at Elle’s Studio. Because who doesn’t love free??

6. This picture – Beefcake (backstory coming) and Captain Chaos.

7. The prospect of trying out Once a Month Cooking. Having meals in the freezer and not having to think about dinner? Sounds good to me. (psst Wild & Precious, you want in on this? Call me.)

8. Thinking about attempting Project 365 again. Maybe I’ll call it Project Almost 365? Still mulling that one over.

9. Podcasts. I love The Paperclipping Roundtable and The Paperclipping Digi Show. Any others I should be listening to?

10. Looking at old(er) photos of my kids. Think I need to do some pages with baby pictures.

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One thought on “Potty Boot Camp + Happy Things

  1. cara says:

    did you do the once a month cooking? I used to do it with jennifer Barrett when they lived there and miss it sooooo much!!!

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