Project 365 and Things I Love

I started Project 365 (redux) on September 1. I’ll be blogging the scrapbook pages at the end of the week. I am hopeful that by starting not on January 1, I can build up some momentum to get me through what always seem to be extremely dull winter days. Hopeful.

Here are some things that I am loving:

1. As a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd – I love these.

2. And as a photoshop nerd – I ♥ these.

3. Disney planning:

And learning that we’ll get to see the Main STreet Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom. Made my day! ♥

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 and Things I Love

  1. Jamie says:

    Those planners for Disney are CUTE! Did you make them or did you order them from somewhere? Dish, please!

    • cbar629 says:

      I made them. I got the cover artwork from The DIS Boards. They have a forum called “Creative DISigns” and the wonderful DISigners there give away their stuff for free. I love them. They have all of the info we need for touring and all of our ADRs in them as well.

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