Weekend Scraps + More Disney Prep

Credits: Sunday Afternoon by Trixie Scraps Designs + Sarah Bennett

Credits: Background paper – Oceanside by Trixie Scraps Designs; Other papers, sprinkle, staples, alpha – Leave the World Behind by Britt-ish Designs; Flag banner – Feet in the Sand by Jennifer Barrette

Disney Prep

It’s possible that I may seem a little insane in the amount of prep work that I am doing for this trip. What can I say? I love Disney, and I want this to be a really, really special trip for everyone. We have just over 100 days left until the big day, then we’re in the double digits people!

Anyway, I have lots of little projects that I want to do for this trip and I figured that it would be easier to knock out these little projects a few at a time, rather than (as I would normally do) waiting until the couple of weeks before and then stressing trying to get everything done. That being said, this weekend’s project was autograph books. They’re identical except for the covers, which have the owner’s name on them. I’ve made three so far, with a fourth to be printed when I get time.

Each book contains autograph cards for the characters that are most likely to be seen in the parks, and a few for some of the more rarely seen characters. I won’t bore you with pictures of all of them, but here’s a nice example of a character page –

And here’s a card we’ll be using at one of our Character meals while we’re there –

So what do we do with the cards? Well, I have 4 autograph books total going to the World with us. So, when we get home each of my kids will have their own little album of autograph cards (and one for my Mom!) that will be theirs to keep, but being a dyed in the wool scrapbooker, I’ll be taking apart one of the books (hence the removable binder rings) scanning the signatures and using those images on the pages with the pictures of each person getting that character’s autograph. I think it will be a nice way to preserve the autographs and still leave the kids (and my Mom!) with a pretty cool little souvenir too!

How-To Info

It’s all about the DISBoards baby! Once again the amazing DISigners there have done all of the hard work. On the Creative DISigns forum there are DISigners with links to Photobucket and 4Shared accounts. You are free to download anything as long as it’s only used for personal use (so no re-selling). Truthfully, that was the hardest part. After I found the designs that I liked I put them all into one Word document (Pages for you Mac users) and printed. Easy-peasy.

Punch holes, binder ring, apply clear contact paper to cover, done. I am thinking that I’ll add a back cover as well, also covered with clear contact just to save on wear and tear on that back card.

Of course, you have other binding options.

Option 1 – print 2 per 8-1.2×11 page, the top one right side up and the bottom card upside down. This leaves a strip of white paper at the top of each card when they are cut. Use the top white strip as an area to spiral bind the cards together.

Option 2 – Stay loose! Just keep the loose cards in a baggie and use a clipboard for signing.

Option 3 – Upload the cards to a photo printing site and have them printed into a bound book.

Each option has its pros and cons. You just have to evaluate what you want to do with the autographs when you get home to decide!

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