Learning New Ways to Play

I mentioned that I was busy this Labor Day weekend cleaning the toy room and purging. Well, that wasn’t really all of the story. As my kids can attest, nothing good comes from Mommy cleaning one of their rooms. It means that things have gotten out of hand. With Mommy spending several hours in the toy room, the girls were also informed that they were losing screen priveledges. Indefinitely.

Without TV, computer, or video games to entertain them and fill their time they’re really discovering new ways to fill their days.

Like reading old scrapbooks. Really. This is why I scrap.

Yes, he is upset and asking why he’s not “in da book.” Umm, because that album is from 2001-2002?

It was a good reminder that the pictures and the story are what matters. They didn’t really care about the stickers and paper. They wanted to know about the pictures and the people and the memories contained within.

It was a good way to pass an otherwise slow afternoon without a screen to distract.

And here’s another story for the books –

Credits: Oceanside by Trixie Scraps Designs. Fonts: American Typewriter, Designer Notes, + CK_Alis_Hand_Official.

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