Wait, is it April?

Good grief. I knew this spring that it was an abnormally calm weather season. Not so much this fall. We received 7.5 inches of rain yesterday by 6 p.m. There was flooding, swift water rescues and all the drama that comes when water levels rise too fast. For us personally, that meant that our street was full of water to the top of the curb. It drained off pretty quick once the rain slowed down. This afternoon we had sunshine. Then BOOM! Storms.

Tornados were involved, though at the time of this writing – none here. Keeping my fingers crossed for safety and protection for all of my friends and family in the path of the current storms and for all of us overnight!

As promised last week – My first Project 365 layout(s)! I present the week of September 1st – 7th.

Credits: Oceanside by Trixie Scraps Designs. Fonts – Sketch Block, Designer Notes, + My Own Topher

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One thought on “Wait, is it April?

  1. Jennifer says:

    Did someone call 9.1.1.?

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