Brain Dump – 10 things I am thinking about today.

1. We school year-round. We go 6 weeks on and one week off. Next week is a week off and it couldn’t come at a better time. I need a week off. The house needs a good deep cleannig and that just doesn’t happen when school is in session.

2. My left pinky toe is determined to snap right off of my foot. I swear, if it doesn’t stop throwing itself into every hard surface on the floor at our house I will scream. {weird aside: Every time I stub my pinky toe I flash back to my Mom breaking hers. She stubbed it three times and it broke. She had to wear a super-attractive boot while it healed. I stub my pinky toe once or twice and then I go put shoes on for the rest of the day, cause I don’t want to break my toe and wear a boot.}

3. I am still loving iCal for scheduling our school work, and the rest of my life. It can be a bit tedious entering all of the assignments, but so worth it when I get up and only have to print out that days calendar to see what needs to be done.

4. It’s arts and crafts time! This week we’ll be making a count-down calendar for Disney. I think this will be an activity the kids will enjoy!

5. It’s a little depressing that September is half over. On the other hand, it’s exciting to look forward to fall. If fall ever shows up. Which should happen sometime in November.

6. I haven’t found my picture of the day yet today. Somedays they just jump out at me. Other days, I have to refer to my list of potential picture subjects.

7. The kids have successfully lost all of my hairbands. All. Of. Them. I need my hair up and off my neck when it’s humid. They like to wear my hairbands as bracelets. I may go crazy until I find one. I only need one. Is that too much to ask?!?

8. Captain Chaos pulled some wires out of my treadmill. I was planning on getting back to running again now that it isn’t 10 million degrees anymore (the office where the treadmill is gets seriously hot and makes running in there downright unpleasant during the summer). So, I am thinking I’ll be busting out the P90X again. I didn’t finish it last time. I hate excercise in any form, but I need to do something. Other days I may do Wii Fit. We’ll see. Maybe alternating?

9. I finally sorted through all of the pictures and memorabilia that I have here at the house. Stuff from my baby album and my brother’s baby stuff too. Now I just need to harp on my Mom to get hers out and scanned. You know, in all of her free time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, the woman is busier now as an empty nester than she ever was when we were growing up!

10. I am still head over heels in love with once a month cooking. It was so much work, but is was so worth it! Having meals ready to go at the end of the day is a true sanity saver. The September menu on Once-a-Month Mom looks good too. I need to print and prepare for shopping.

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One thought on “Brain Dump – 10 things I am thinking about today.

  1. Thanks for being a fan of the site! You should definitely try the September menu! 🙂

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