Purge-a-palooza 2010

Every September we take on the monumental task of purging our house of unwanted clutter. Does this mean we live a clutter-free existence? Nope. It just means that I have marked September as the time of year that we evaluate what we are using, what we aren’t and deal with things appropriately.

I spent the later part of last week in Captain Chaos’ room. I went through all of his clothes and toys and bagged up what he has outgrown. We finally let go of some baby things that had been hanging around. The room is neater and easier for Chaos to clean on his own.

Sunday afternoon and Monday were spent working through the girls room. Gave away a bunch of clothes and some stuffed animals. They have gotten to the point that I don’t have to do much more in there besides supervise. They know how to clean a room, but I still have to sit in there and make sure that there is more work than bickering going on or they’d still be cleaning came next September!

We ended up filling the bed of Party Boy’s pick-up with gently used items and haulinig them out to our local donation center. It felt good.

The rest of the house will get a semi-deep cleaning this week, since we are off school. I’ll be dealing with some paper clutter (where does it all come from?) and bigger chores that seem to get put off when we;re knee-deep in school.


One thought on “Purge-a-palooza 2010

  1. Jennifer says:

    So, I’ve held onto last week’s episode of Warehouse 13 for the whole week, waiting to watch it until tonight right before the second part of the season finale.

    Some call it an illness, I call it a strategy.

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