Playing Catch-up and Growing Up

Playing catch-up in posting my Project 365 layouts. These are for the week of September 8-14th.



Credits: Oceanside by Trixie Scraps Designs. Fonts – Designer Notes + My Own Topher.

On the growing up front, Captain Chaos turns 3 in a couple of weeks and you can really see that in his behavior. Sure he still has his impulsive moments, and he still can throw a tantrum like nobody’s business, but those things are coming fewer and farther between now. He loves to play legos and will disappear into his room to do just that on a daily basis. We’re talking a couple of hours at a time. I’ll go and check in every 15-20 minutes just to make sure he’s not destroyed something. And every time I do he’s still sitting playing quietly.

Where has my toddler gone? He’s been replaced by a preschooler!

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