September 2010 Round-up

Rounding up the events of September 2010

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

Caddie Woodlawn

The White Queen

The Constant Princess

Martha Stewart Living

Mary Jane’s Farm

These are all linked to Amazon on this page.

What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?

Whale Wars, The Colony, Unnatural History, CSI:Miami,  Warehouse 13,  The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of D.C., Flipping Out, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Bones, Big Bang Theory, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Parenthood, CSI, Blue Bloods

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

Back into te school year grind! We’re at swim classes 2x/week, Wednesday night activities, choir.

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

None this month. My brother’s birthday is in September but we don’t really do gifts for adults…

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

Civilization: Revolution and Lego Harry Potter. Yes, 2 video games in one month. I have reached sedentary nirvana.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

Allergies that settled in my ears. Not fun. Caused dizziness. After a couple of days, my ears drained and it was all good.

What were my accomplishments this month?

I completed Purge-a-palooza 2010 0 a week dedicated to purging, recycling, donating and trashing as much unused stuff from our house as possible. We took an entire truckload of stuff to our local donation center and put out about 30 pounds of trash.

I did lots of scrapbook layout and have kept up with Project 365, even if I haven’t done all of the layouts yet!

We started our church year and that is going well. It always takes lots of planning and time, but it is so worth it.

I did my first Once a Month Cooking and fell in love with it. I am planning another set next week. Hopefully I will be better about documenting with pictures.

Disney is pretty well planned. That is a huge accomplishment in itself. I still have a few treat stuff to make, but in reality, if those do not happen it will be okay. The trip is planned. That’s the big part!

What were my disappointments this month?

I didn’t blog as much as usual. My bad.

Anything else noteworthy to include?

MOTS lost another tooth! Yay!


One thought on “September 2010 Round-up

  1. notasupermom says:

    You got a lot done. I’m very impressed!

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