Homecoming Parade

Every year my very good friend, Mrs. S, alerts me to the date of the local homecoming parade. We love the Homecoming Parade. We get more candy at the homecoming parade than we do at Halloween. Not kidding. We filled up a big, red, reusable Target bag halfway on parade candy.

This year we got there early because Party Boy was travelling and I don’t feel so comfortable parallel parking in crowded streets, so I wanted a good parking spot. We lucked out and got one a last few. We went over and staked out our usual spots.


I remembered to bring our picnic blanket and a folding chair this year since I knew we’d be waiting a little longer than last year.


MOTS remembered to bring a book. Hollywood and Captain Chaos just colored in a notebook and talked about the candy they hoped to gather.

Mrs. S showed up about 30 minutes before the parade was due to start and we had a chance to catch up before the festivities got under way. Then, it was go time!

First came the band


Then the drill team


The kids were not impressed because neither of these groups threw any candy.

Luckily every other float and group did!


I didn;t get many pics after the candy throwing started because I had to supervise Captain Chaos collecting candy. I didn’t want him running out into the parade!

We had a great time watching the parade and then we were able to hear a little bit of the pep rally at City Hall too! Our team lost the game, but that’s okay…we’ll get ’em next time.

And hey! If you are interested in digital scrapbooking I am guest blogging over at the Trixie Scraps blog today with a little tutorial on alignment. Love to have you stop by…


2 thoughts on “Homecoming Parade

  1. notasupermom says:

    Love your parade photos!
    How do you watermark a picture like that?

  2. Kelsey @ The Skinny Cow says:

    Hi C-
    Sorry to leave a comment but I can’t find your email address and can’t dm on Twitter!

    I’m Kelsey and I work for Skinny Cow. I saw you love our products! I’d love to get in touch with you and share some ice cream love. Please email me at theskinnycow@ketchum.com or call 510-601-4407. Hope to hear from you soon!

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