The Fair is in October.

Last weekend was the last weekend for the State Fair. We hadn’t been in a couple of years so we decided to go and check things out.


I had no idea our fairground was a historic landmark. Learn something new every year, I suppose.


Big Tex. The kids were fascinated with him talking. His mouth even moved. “He’s even taller than PePaw!” (Hollywood).


Our navigator. The fairgrounds are huge! And confusing.


Fletcher’s Corny Dog. Yum. We also had a turkey leg, chicken fried bacon, ice cream bars, cokes, and indigestion.


We went to see the petting zoo. It was a literal zoo. Wall to wall people. This giraffe leaned over the fence to smell Captain Chaos. Chaos totally freaked out and tried to run away, but the wall of people stopped him. Don’t know what the giraffe was smelling, but he really liked Chaos.


Down on the farm. It’s a pertty neat hands-on walkthrough area for the kids. They do little farm chores and get “paid” at the end. Then they spend their dollar in the company store for a snack. Fun!


Bumper cars. Site of epic meltdown #1 when Chaos realized he wasn’t riding. Too small. He kept screaming, “I am NOT too SMALL!”


Chaos finally got a ride in the Nascar ride. Didn’t like it. He said it went too fast around the corners.

Final verdict – Expensive. Not all that great. $4.50 for a corn dog. $5 per ride. Yeah, felt a little bit like being mugged. Legally. It was a nice time with the family though, and that’s what matters!

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2 thoughts on “The Fair is in October.

  1. notasupermom says:

    Our state fair was expensive and a bit of a let down. I remember them being cheaper and more fun, but it’s possible that’s just nostalgia.

    Great pictures!

  2. cara says:

    Big Tex doesn’t look like he aged well. .. he looks darker than I remember!

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