Weekend Scraps – November 1, 2010

I spent last week uploading a bunch of old layouts to Flickr so I could reorganize my scrapbook layouts page (You can see it by clicking the picture in the right sidebar). Now all of my layouts are organized by album and date. This helps me because in re-organizing all of those layouts I was able to quickly see what stories were unfinished – I didn’t finish my Chicago trip from June, missing some layouts from 2009, etc. It also inspired me to scrap some more. Nothing like looking at layouts to jumpstart the mojo.

Here’s some new pages:

New Orleans

Scraps to Go Volume 8 Template + Endless Summer Days by Jennifer Fox (really digging yellow/blue and orange/blue color combos these days!) Fonts: The Blue House + Antipasto


Background paper from Alandia Tropical Papers by Katie Pertiet. “Thoughts” card from Noteworthy by DeCrow Designs. Staples from Bohemian Garden by Jennifer Barrette + Bella Gypsy. Fonts: Stamp Act Jumbled + Antipasto.


Saffron Blues by Trixie Scraps Designs + Bella Gypsy. Font: CK_Alis_Hand_Official.


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