November 2, 2010

5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outside my window… Cloudy, rainy, chilly.

I am thinking…that Amazon is awesome, I ordered a stroller on Sunday and it arrives tomorrow. Plus, they’ll text me when it goes out for delivery. Also, that I love the changing of the seasons and that our Disney trip is one day closer than it was yesterday. Yes, the excitement has not waned one little bit.

I am thankful for…the right to vote. The privilege of getting to watch the returns come in and be reasonably sure that the results are an accurate representation of the will of the people.

From the kitchen…Grilled chicken and mixed veggies.

I am wearing…jeans, a Dublin Dr. Pepper t-shirt and my UT hoodie. The house is getting a little chilly.

I am creating… magic. With the changing of the season, Tinkerbell and friends visited last night to deliver some Disney goodies. Complete with pixie dust. The kids were blown away.

I am going…to settle in under a blanket and drink hot chocolate and watch the election returns tonight. I am such a party animal!

I am reading… Jackdaws, by Ken Follett. I originally wanted Pillars of the Earth, but it wasn’t in at the library. I have it on hold now though. Jackdaws was a slow starter. I am about halfway through now and it is painful to put down.

I am hoping…to get some scrapping time tonight. I want to scrap some pumpkin pictures.

I am hearing…election coverage and Thomas the Tank Engine. An odd mix.

Around the house…Laundry. School books. Legos. A happy family.

One of my favorite things… Christmas shopping. It’s a challenge, but sooooo worth it!

A few plans for the rest of the week… church, school, swim classes, grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning, ironing, dinner with my parents for Mom’s birthday. Busy domestic week around here.

A picture to share… a creepy pumpkin picture.



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