Thinking about the holidays yet?

I am. But those of you that know me, probably guessed that, right?

So, what am I thinking about? I am thinking about everything that needs to be done, and done soon. Yikes! First, I need to get a good picture of the kids. I am thinking I can get that taken care of in the church prayer garden. It’s a lovely area with beautiful plants. I think it will make a beautiful background for a picture of them to go on our holiday card for this year.

Anyway, I have already picked out my card. I love designs like these because I can feature pictures of each of the kids and maybe even a picture of Party Boy and I. Of course, if the photo shoot is a miserable failure I can use the same style of card and use snapshots from the year. All of the Shutterfly cards are super easy to use, which happens to be what I am in the market for this time of year. Drag in your photo, type up your text, and done! I’ve used them for a couple of years now and love the quality and speed of delivery. Take a look at all of the holiday designs here. Block out some time, there’s lots to look at!

And, as is no secret anymore, I’ve started up the old calendar designs again. It’s become one of my favorite holiday gifts of all time, simply because it’s a personal gift that is also usable. Who doesn’t love a pretty calendar to hang on the wall? I really like that Shutterfly lets you personalize the grid too with photos and important dates. And they have lots of pre-made designs if you aren’t inclined to make your own! Again, the calendars are beautifully printed on heavy paper, spiral bound and mine have always held up really well.

Anyway, don’t wait too long to get your stuff ordered. Time to start thinking about the holidays.


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