Captain Chaos and the Magical Fever

Friday night Chaos spiked a fever. 102.5º. I gave him some Tylenol™ and put him to bed fully expecting that I would be calling the doctor for a sick appointment Saturday morning.

About 2:30 a.m. Chaos crawled in bed with us and had no fever. He didn’t run a fever at all Saturday or Sunday. Monday, still no signs of illness. It was business as usual for us.

On Monday, Chaos put himself down for a nap at about 2 p.m. which is not unusual. If he’s tired, he naps. I quit forcing the issue after his 3 year well-check. The doctor said he might be staying up late at night because he was sleeping too much during the day. So, I let him make the call.

At 3:15 I went to wake him for swim class. He was pretty groggy and grumpy, but we got him ready and got out the door with muffin in hand for snack. He went to class, had a great time, then we came home. The kids were starving (aren’t they always) so MOTS and I started dinner – baked ravioli and garlic bread.

Chaos ate a ton of dinner. We cleaned up and settled in the living room to watch some TV before MOTS’ choir rehearsal. Suddenly, Chaos is climbing into my lap complaining that he his his head. Huh? We had all been sitting right there, none of us saw him hit anything. He was holding his head and asking for a band-aid. I checked him over. No bumps, scrapes. Nothing that would indicate hitting of the head.

Then he threw up.

I called Party Boy who was out of town for a meeting. We conferred and decided that it was likely a headache, not a head injury and to wait it out. Then Chaos threw up again. and was crying because his head hurt.

I called Party Boy back. He said, “Call the doctor.”

So I did. And he called me back. And we talked about symptoms and possibilities and decided that it was most likely a virus and that sleep would be the best thing. So, I let him sleep.

This was 9 p.m. At midnight, I was still awake, watching things while Chaos slept on his mattress in the living room floor. I was watching the first season of Bones, when I hear a little voice, “This is a really good show. I like the policeman.”

That kicked off a 1-1/2 hour marathon of Blues Clues (thank you Netflix Instant View). Then finally sleep again.

Tuesday morning, Mommy is wiped out. Chaos is his fun, energetic, normal self.

I wish I could recover that quickly.

Were the fever and later illness related. Dunno. All I know is that he spent all of Tuesday eating everything he could lay hands on.


One thought on “Captain Chaos and the Magical Fever

  1. Jennifer says:

    Bones is a really good show. And I like the policeman too.

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