December Daily – It’s Coming…

Just wanted to share that I got my December Daily pages from the past 2 years up on the site. Going back through them really has me super-excited to do the project again this year!

December Daily 2008 | 2009

I was at Ye Olde Hobby Lobby last night and spent some quality time in the scrapbooking section looking for bits and pieces I could add to my album this year. Then I realized that I haven’t even picked my base kit yet! Whoops! So, I didn’t get anything, but I did come home and start browsing the shops looking for a kit that strikes my fancy. I have it narrowed down to a few contenders, but I am also trying to be patient and see what gets released closer to the end of the month.

In other project news, I also uploaded the pages from my Week In the Life project from October 2009 and Thankful 2009.

I decided to forgo Thankful this year. It was too much to do two month long, daily albums two months in a row. I like December Daily better, so I intend to stick with that one. I am percolating and idea for a month long album in February (something to lived up winter!).

I also picked up a frame and some mat board to frame some cross-stitch pieces I have finished. You know, the ones that I was quoted $200 to have custom framed? Yeah, those. All told, the supplies cost me $22. Oh, and the super-awesome mat cutter that my parents got me for Christmas. 🙂

I’ll be working on that soon and I’ll post pictures and thoughts for that as well.

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