What do you know about the Deathly Hallows?

I know that it was an awesome movie. I know that it is how I wish all the movies had been made – very close to the book.

One of the things that has long frustrated me in regards to the Harry Potter movie franchise was that the movies got made before the overall story arc was revealed. This meant that seemingly insignificant details got left out of the movies only to find out that they were really important by the 7th book. Whoops.

MOTS and I got to go to the Midnight showing last night, which was really cool. It was mostly what appeared to be high school and college students, with a few Moms thrown into the mix. MOTS was the youngest I saw there – she’s nearly 11. We saw Gryffindor colors out in force, one golden snitch (it takes strength of character to be seen in public in a gold lame’ body suit), lots of wands, plenty of robes, and quite a few copies of the book.

We arrived at the theater at 11 p.m. since I had pre-purchased our tickets. The parking lot was packed, but it didn’t feel as crowded as I thought it would in the theater. We picked up our tickets, bought popcorn and a drink and went to find seats. It was far more tame than the Twilight midnight show. We wound up on the 2nd row, which wasn’t ideal, but could have been worse. Our pre-show entertainment was provided by a group down front having a wizard duel, complete with wands and overacting.

One of the theater attendants came in every 10 minutes with a countdown to showtime that was always met with cheers and one guy shouting, “I love Harry!”

Finally, at 11:55 there was some pre-show trailer-type stuff that came on and then at 12:01 a.m. the real previews started. 15 minutes later and the Warner Brothers logo appeared on the screen to cheers and howls and clapping.

I’ll pause here to say that it’s a special experience to see a movie with others that are as passionate about the film as you are. At midnight there’s few there that didn’t really want to be there!


You’ve been warned. Going forward I will be discussing the movie. It shouldn’t be anything you don’t know if you’ve read the book, but still… my Momma was adamant that you don’t spoil movies and book for others and I hate having things spoiled for me, so there you go.

ONe of the prime complaints of the critics that I have read is that the movie is morose and dull. Everyone seems so depressed. Well…DUH! There’s a war on you morons, and Dumbledore just died, and Hogwarts isn’t safe. I mean, come on!

The movie opens with the Dursley’s getting ready to leave (although they omitted the moment between Dudley and Harry, which kind of made me sad) and checking in on the other main characters. We see Hermione obliviate herself from her parents memories (and disappear from the family photos – creepy) and Ron watching the skies.

Then everyone descends on 4 Privet Drive for the polyjuice and the escape to the Burrow with Harry.

I’ll admit that I cried when George arrived at the Burrow injured.

The wedding was fun, but I missed the escape scene because MOTS drank too much Coke and needed the bathroom. *Sigh*

Moving along, after the fight in the coffee shop I was disappointed when Hermione and Ron and Harry were discussing how they were found, but they never explained what was happening. They just all of a sudden reverted back to saying “You-Know-Who.”  Maybe they’ll cover the trace on Voldemort’s name in the second half, but I really think they should have explained it here since Luna’s Dad used it to summon the Death-Eaters at his house.

I think they did a great job of capturing monotony and frustration of traversing the country-side. The mission to retrieve the locket from Umbridge was really well done, and funny. I also think it was the point that I was most disturbed as the uniforms and propaganda bear a VERY strong resemblance to Nazi Germany. I know that this was the point in the book – making the connection between the two as Muggles and Half-Blood Witches and Wizards are persecuted and “disappeared.” Everyone lives in fear. The Gestapo-like actions of the soldiers in the Ministry sent chills down my spine. Very well done.

Dobby and Kreacher earned a special place in my heart when the caught Mundungus. 🙂

Somehow, the time in Godric’s Hollow seemed to take more time in the book. It didn’t feel rushed, per se, just like it had been edited down. I don’t know.

There were several super-intense scenes in this one. We all jumped. I almost think it came >< this close to being too much for MOTS even though she has read the book at least 3 times. It’s different seeing it live and in color.

The story of the Three Brothers is animated and was…AWESOME. I mean it. Brilliant.

The movie ends in a dark place. Dobby is dead (a hero and not a dry eye in the house) and Voldemort has just retrieved the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s final resting place. This leads me to believe that part two will pick up with the explanation of wand-lore and jump right into the hunt for the final horcruxes and the rest of the Deathly Hallows.

And yes. We’ll probably do another midnight showing for Part 2. It will be so worth it.


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