Holiday Preparation, or the anticipation is killing me!

I went grocery shopping for the week on Sunday evening. It has worked for me every year for the last 6+ years. It didn’t this year. The store was packed to the gills and they were out of heavy cream. And did you realize that grocery stores don’t actually carry the variety of apples that are good for pies? Maybe because they want you to buy the bakery pies?

So, today we went to the local organic food/farmers market and found our apples and heavy cream. And then we went shopping for some Christmas decorations. Because of extenuating circumstances (read: no time) we won’t be getting the boxes of decorations down from the attic. Instead, I bought a tabletop tree and we’ll be making decorations from scratch this year! I am kinda excited about that. Paper garlands, cinnamon ornaments, and so on.

And, so we could mix and match holidays, I am also doing a  trial-run on the apple pie this afternoon.


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