December 5 – December Daily

The 5th was a bit of a stressful day for me. It started with the fact that it was Sunday. Getting everyone out the door to church always causes stress. It just does. After church was nice, though. We went to lunch with friends. That was fun!

We came home after lunch and Party Boy started working on a take-home exam (don’t even get me started on that!) until we had to get back out the door to go to a choir event. I had planned on Party Boy being done with school (darn last minute take-home) and being able to drive to the mall since it is three highways away. He couldn’t – still working on the exam – so I had to drive. Which stressed me to the max!

We got to the mall and MOTS immediately starts freaking out because she has a solo and her stomach hurts. Without enough sleep she sometimes gets what are best described as migraines in her stomach. She hadn’t slept well Saturday night. Compound that with nerves and it resulted in many tears and much misery. She sang beautifully (as usual) and was fine afterwards. Mama stress.

While we were waiting for the concert to start I discovered that my camera battery had died. Party Boy tried to help by taking pictures with his phone, but it was focused on the back of my Mom’s head. So I have a series of photos of the back of my Mom’s head with a blurry choir in the background. Scrapbook stress.

Party Boy drove home. Dinner stress. Bedtime stress. Stress. Stress. Stress.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. December Daily to the rescue. I snagged a picture from Facebook to fill in the choir page (it won’t be posted because I don’t want to blur out 30 little faces) and got pictures from the Trixie Scraps blog prompt to document our present wrapping style. I spent a little more time on this page because I needed the time to relax.

5_Dec Right

Background Just the Basics Neutral; Word paper, gold paper, frames, + glitter tree from Vintage Holidays; Poinsettia + striped ribbon from Yuletide all by Trixie Scraps Designs. Fonts – Sketch Block, CK Becky + Designer Notes.


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