Christmas at Disney

My family (including my parents) all went to Disney for a week between Christmas and New Year’s. We had an amazing time and took a TON of pictures. I probably won’t start scrapping seriously for a couple of weeks since I need to get like 5,000 pictures from my parents and my Photopass CD from Disney. Then there’s sorting and organizing and so on. I hope to get seriously going on that project by February.

However. PandaMom is having trouble being patient, so I did a page just to keep her happy. 😉

Celebrate a Dream Come True

Background paper, star sprinkle and alpha (all recolored) Leave the World Behind by Britt-ish Designs. Masks Artsy Paint: Port au Prince Edition by Angela Powers Design. Fonts: International Palms, Antipasto and CK Jot. For the Log Your Memory Challenge, Week #3.

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One thought on “Christmas at Disney

  1. cara says:

    what a sweet story! So glad you went and enjoyed it. We went a few years ago the day after Christmas and now don’t think I’d ever want to go at another time of year!!!

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