The Inspiration Strikes Back.

More than the last 2 years, my One Little Word for 2011 has affected my daily life. I think more about my choices, my word, my goals.

Last weekend’s scrap marathon was really a kickstart for me since I haven’t really scrapped anything besides December Daily since the beginning of December. That can really limit my ability to be creative because I find that I fall into a pattern of layout and after the project is done I feel stuck in a rut.

So, after the marathon concluded the inspiration just kept rolling.

I promise that this has a point – just hang with me.

One of Captain Chaos’ favorite activities is watching my screensaver. It randomly chooses photos from my library and tosses them into a pile on the screen and he loves to look for himself in the pictures. I was watching them with him and enjoyed hearing him talk about all of the photos.

So, Monday, we were coming home from running errands and I was just letting my mind wander as I focused on driving. And then, FLASH! An idea formed so quickly I literally sat up straighter in my seat.

One of the patterns that my brain must have picked up was the number of chore related photos in my library – usually taken with regard to a Week In the Life or other daily life documentation project. And then that while I have lots of those types of pictures, that’s not what I need to focus on or get wrapped up in. And the layout came together in my mind so clearly.

Focus 2011

For the Log Your Memory Weekly Challenge #2. Alpha – SSD Collab Memories; Font – DJB Scratched Notes.

Because the real focus of my life is relationships with my family. That’s what it all boils down to.

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One thought on “The Inspiration Strikes Back.

  1. PandaMom says:

    This has to be one of my favorite layouts and pics EVER!!!!!! LOVE it!

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