The Pit

It’s now official. I have been sick for 7 days. Some sort of Upper Respitory super-bug, I think. While I feel better than I did last week, the state of my house makes me wish that I could just stay sick.

Seriously? Who thought letting Mom’s get sick would be a good idea?

Let’s review:

1. I am 6 days behind on laundry. Estimated time to catch up – 14 days.

2. I tore the kitchen apart to finish caulking the baseboards so I can paint before I got sick. Estimated time to catch up – 2 days

3. The kids decided to have a sleepover in the toy room (I was delirious, so I don’t recall giving permission, but they insist) complete with a fort made of 37 blankets, 3 beanbags and 12 pillows. And a confetti party. And a block tower using all of the blocks we own, plus some I am sure they must have raided a neighbors house to get. I didn’t think we owned that many blocks. Estimated time to catch up – 5 days

4. Dishes. Apparently the family still ate while I was wasting away on the couch. I am not sure they know the dishwasher actually opens, because it is still empty from when I unloaded it before I got sick. Estimated time to catch up – 2 days.

So there you have it. 23 days worth of punishment for being sick.

Okay, not really, especially since the little confetti partying fools HAVE to help rectify the situation. Still. I could have done without the sick.

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2 thoughts on “The Pit

  1. michellehuegel says:

    oh my word, i totally understand! I was sick with a stomach bug for a few days last week, and I swear dishes/toys/stuff multiplies faster when it knows mom is distracted!! Plus my poor baby got a nasty diaper rash because daddy forgets to change him without reminders. I’m still catching up… moms should not get sick…

  2. cara says:

    Oh I hope you feel better! I’ve had it twice since Nov…. and then this weekend I had a touch of a stomach thing and the hubby said “stay in bed, we can take care of ourselves…” but about thirty minutes later when I walked past him going to the kitchen he seemed to have forgotten that and wanted to know if I’d make him some coffee and if I was goign to make sausage..

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