Back into the sun

Gah!! It has been a long slow climb after being sick. I was tempted several times to just order a snow shovel and use it, not to shovel snow, but to clear the detritus from the house.

I finally am feeling like I am making a bit of progress. I can see the floors (mostly). The laundry is as caught up as it ever is (which means we are no longer in danger of being suffocated). The kitchen counters are clear (sort of).

With that, I will now share some stuff I have been looking at and enjoying online:

Pinterest – I found this through Twitter. You have to request an invite to participate, but that didn’t stop me looking. People pin so many wonderful things!

Home Routines – I know I have talked about this App before, but it bears mentioning again. I love giving myself gold stars for completing daily tasks   and looking at the list of things that I completed at the end of the day. It makes me feel a bit better when I know I have been working hard on the house all day even when the kids come right behind me and undo it all.

Chore Wars – I thought this was kind of a cool site. Based on Dungeons + Dragons (and the like) you form groups and compete for points by completing household tasks. That are fraught with danger (have you ever been attacked by a water goblin unloading the dishwasher?). I signed us up and must admit that the girls like awarding themselves points for completing stuff. Don’t know how long we’ll use it though since they really aren’t into role-playing games.

Instagram – Another App. It’s a photo app and I love it. A lot! You take pictures and then you can apply filters and send them straight to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. Really cool. See?

Sheriff Woody Rockstar Drying, drying Mount Laundrymore


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