Back to the Future

In 1994 I was in high school. Starting my Senior Year. As I was sweating through sets on the football field the house that I now live in was being built. It was the height of 90s fashion. Tasteful wallpaper, chair rails, moulding, and so on. It was fitted with beige carpet and beige paint throughout.

Party Boy and I moved into this house in October 1999. It was still the height of tastefully decorated home.

Now? Well, times (and tastes) have changed in the last 11 years. The carpet is gone. We have wood floors now. The beige paint is covered over and most of the wallpaper is gone. The final calling card of the 90s was the kitchen cabinets. Sadly, new cabinets were WAY out of the budget. But these cabinets screamed 1990s. We had discussed sanding and restaining them ourselves, or possibly painting them. Thankfully, we called a contractor (the same one that did our roof and porch a couple of years ago – he’s AWESOME!) and he recommended a gel stain treatment.

And that’s what we did. His guy came in and applied a lovely cherry gel stain to the cabinets, completely changing the look of our kitchen. It’s like we got new cabinets, only at about 1/8th of the cost.


Before we put in new floor and backsplash – we had just put in new countertops.

And after.


And a page with some of the Instagram pics I took of the before and after.

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