Our Story. Today.

Studying art

She is…

…teaching herself to draw and sketch with the help of books from the library.

…a total help around the house, even offering to clean now instead of fighting me.

…immersed in listening to the Series of Unfortunate Events on Audiobook.

At the library

She is…

…really enjoying making up her own stories these days.

…trying really hard to be more responsible – keeping up with library materials is key here.

…loves to play the Lego Harry Potter board game, over and over again.

Toys at the library

He is…

…teaching himself numbers and letters.

…loving the movie “Despicable Me.” He does the Gru dance at the end almost perfectly now.

…really enjoys building super-elaborate train tracks across the living room floor.


He is…

…working harder than I ever thought it possible for a person to work.

…staying fairly cheerful through this avalanche of work.

…the Master Jedi at our house. He has not been defeated in any of the epic lightsaber battles to date.


I am…

…scrapping away – in the spare minutes between school with the girls and working on the house!

…buying apps like a crazy fool. The goal being making my electronics work for me.

…quite possibly almost caught up on the ironing. Possibly.

The original idea for a post in this style fully belongs to Stephanie Howell. For the record.

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