Ice. Part Deux.

We are wrapping up day 2 of the world resembling some sort of ice covered post-apocalyptic nightmare. Day 1 is kind of fun. It’s like a forced vacation of sorts.

Day 2 is not so much fun. The DVR is emptying out. Daytime TV is as bad as it always was. The milk is getting low. At least we still have coffee.

The kids are a little wild. We went outside for about 10 seconds. Even the grass is covered by a solid sheet of ice. Too slippery to walk around on. Can’t build a snowman or sled. Just walk out, try not to fall down, and then go back inside.

The rolling blackouts were a nice new touch though. Nothing more fun than waking up to eerie silence at 6:30 in the morning that can only mean no power. Rummage through the file cabinet for the phone number of our electricity provider, which is not the same company that we send the money to, in case you were wondering.

I called them and got a rather incoherent message from a man that sounded like he had been dragged out of bed to make the message. Not enough power being generated, widespread outages.

Use 3G to surf to three local news websites. Nothing. Go to Facebook. Answers within 3 minutes. It took another hour for the local news to catch up. By that time we had been through 3 outages. And we were sleeping. Take that old school media hacks.

Tomorrow = day 3 of ice-covered nightmare. Look for an even more incoherent rambling post. Yay!


One thought on “Ice. Part Deux.

  1. cara says:

    maybe you should call Jennifer, she’s rambling and lacking in human contact…

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