How Ice-a-palooza injured my husband, nearly killed my dog, and drove me crazy.

Let’s get this out of the way. The dog is fine. So is the husband. On to the story.

We are nearing the end of Day-3-trapped-in-the-house-please-help-me!

Wednesday we got up and I made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, and checked the internets like a mad-woman to determine if church was cancelled. That would mean scrounging something for dinner since we usually eat up there on Wednesday nights and I like to be prepared. You know, so I could weed out all of the gross leftovers before dinner.

I fed the dog his morning alottment of kibbles.

Party Boy was on a work call when I noticed the dog over in the corner trying to heave. Nothing happened and then I noticed that he was all bloated. Large dogs can contract a condition where their stomachs fill up with air. It’s deadly y’all. I freaked.

Explained the condition to Party Boy and called a local emergency vet to see if they were even open. They were.

Party Boy went to get the truck out. No lie, he was able to back it out of the driveway, but it hit the ice in the driveway and stuck. Tires spinning, no forward movement, what are we going to do now?

We had no sand/kitty litter/snow melting chemicals. And now our truck was stuck in the middle of the alley.

As I was putting the kids and bloated dog back into the house Party Boy lost his footing and landed hard on the ice, bruising his knee. He’s okay, just sore now.

It took the two of us 30 minutes, multiple asphalt shingles, a couple of cardboard boxes, and unhappy words to get the truck back into the driveway. Well, actually the yard next to the driveway. We could at least get a little traction in the grass.

Back inside. Party Boy settled into work and I got moving on picking up and nervously watching the dog. Called all the Mobile Vets in the area. None were open, but I kind of figured that.

The dog finally settled down on his bed, belched LOUDLY, and went to sleep with his stomach back to normal. Are you kidding me? Party Boy was on a conference call and just had to hope that nobody heard!

The insanity comes from trying to keep 3 kids quiet while Party Boy works. Quiet quiet.

I think I say “Shhhhhh!” and “Quiet!” at least 3,485,987,923 times a day. At least in the last four days.

And now, they are calling for snow. I think I may lose my mind.



3 thoughts on “How Ice-a-palooza injured my husband, nearly killed my dog, and drove me crazy.

  1. Heather says:

    You are hilarious! Hope the dog is o.k. 🙂

  2. SandyPie says:

    You crack me up!! Glad it all worked out for you.

  3. Carrie says:

    How scary, glad the dog is OK!

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