Valentine’s Day Wrap-up

Valentine’s day is kind of a non-event around here. I mean, we tell each other Happy Valentine’s Day, but nobody really goes out of their way to do anything special. Anyway, we went out to dinner on Saturday night with the kids and called that our Valentine’s celebration. Today is just another Monday.

Except that it isn’t. We’re off school this week (6 weeks on, 1 off). This means that I have plenty of time to catch up on around the house projects, so that’s what I did. The weather was glorious, so the first task was cleaning up the backyard so the kids could play. You dog owners know what I am talking about. Ewwww.

Then it was back inside to finish prepping the baseboards for paint-a-palooza. Don’t know when we’ll actually be painting, but it has to be soon. I sort of have colors picked out. Exciting.

This last weekend I also made a scrapbook page. Brought the old mojo back.  Listened to some Paperclipping Round Table and Digi Show and now all I want to do is hang out in front of Photoshop! So, I have promised myself some scrapping time after I complete certain projects. Win-win. I get to scrap and avoid the dreaded “what did you do all day” question.

Here’s the page:

Quiet PlayWk7

All supplies from Distinct Hush {retired} by Trixie Scraps Designs + Studio Rosey Posey.

Journaling: Without fail every single day I will look up and realize that it has gotten quiet. While life with a preschooler can be fun, loud, and exciting, I have to admit that I really love those quiet moments when you have settled yourself down with some toys and your imagination. It makes me smile when I find you quietly engrossed in some private game, enjoying yourself without the noise and boisterous play that so often defines the rest of the day.
I love these quiet moments that sneak into our every day, weave their way into our lives, and give us a chance to recharge for the next adventure.

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