Good Times

We are entering a very interesting and entertaining period with Captain Chaos. He is very talkative and has been for awhile, but it’s reached a new phase – he is listening more and dissecting the language.

For instance:

We were running around on Monday night. We had dinner at Chickaflay (that’s Chik-fil-a for the uninitiated) and CC wanted to bring his unfinished drink in the car. It was okay with me, so it came along in the handy styrofoam cup.

He finished the drink, leaving the ice and proceeded to break the cup so a huge crack appeared about halfway up the side.


CC: Oh no! {side note: This is not something you want to hear from the back seat!} Mommy! I poked a hole in my cup!

M: It was empty right? Just hang onto it and we’ll throw it away when we get to Target.

CC: Okay.

[About a minute passes]

CC: Oops! {Again – not something you want to hear from the back seat}

M: [alarmed] What happened?!

CC: I spilled it on my pants. My pants are wet.

M: Oh no! There must have been a little left in the cup. That’s going to feel really cold when the wind hits you.

CC: There are no punchers out there!

M: What? What are you talking about?

CC: [more forcefully] There are no punchers out there!!

M: Punchers?

CC: The wind can’t hit me. The wind doesn’t have hands! You know, for punchers! {Duh Mommy. How did you make it to adulthood woman?}


At this point I was struggling to maintain control of the car as I laughed.

And if you have any tips on explaining idioms to a 3-year-old, I’d love to hear them!


A layout of a favorite picture:


All from Ordinary Moments by Sweet Tomato Deigns except Circle Flourish stamp (MCO Vintage Dreams). Font – Sunshine of my Love.

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