Have you heard of Ridemakerz? No?

Okay. Picture if you will a Build-a-Bear. For boys. So you start with a car shell, add an engine, sound card, wheels, and then the boys get to put the final bolts in. Even cooler? You can make your car remote control!

We had never heard of Ridemakerz either until we went to Downtown Disney. We passed the store once on the far side, thinking it was some car store, but when we walked right by the display windows Captain Chaos spotted the Mater and McQueen shells and what else could we do?

Captain Chaos got a Carbon-Fiber Remote Control Lightning McQueen. He didn’t put it down for the rest of the day. He plays with it almost every day here at home too.

Here’s the page I did. Not any pictures of the process – we were too busy building a car!

Credits: Papers, license plates, tag, + silver stars – Motor Mania Add-on; Star sprinkle, stitches, snap – Leave the World Behind, all by Britt-ish Designs.

Just a note – The Motor Mania Add-on was a freebie. Britt is awesome and usually includes a freebie with each new release. Check out her blog for some great stuff.

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