iPhone Apps I can’t live without

I entered the wonderful world of the smart phone back in December. I like it here. It’s fun.

When I originally began to consider an iPhone I knew that I wanted it to be more of a tool than a mobile gaming platform. I really wanted my phone to work for me and be a useful addition to my day. I did lots of research on the available apps and had some chosen even before I got my phone.

Many of these apps are multi-platform, so I tried to link to the app home sites in case you are interested in the app for your Android or Blackberry phone and note it in my post. Please note that when I say “iPhone only” the apps usually also work on iPod Touch as well.

I thought I would share my go-to apps in a little run-down so you could benefit from my careful research too. Let the enabling sharing begin.

Home Screen, Part Deux


This is my main screen. The true home screen has only the apps that came installed, so nothing too interesting going on there. This screen has all my apps organized and neat in folders, except for a few notable exceptions.

HomeRoutines – This is my Flylady app. It has all of my routines loaded and as I finish tasks I can give myself gold stars. I love that it keeps track of my zone work and routines. I check this one repeatedly throughout the day to keep myself on track and get my routines done. My house and family have definitely benefitted from this one. $4.99. iPhone only.

Instagram – This is a really neat camera app. I can take pictures in this app and apply some really neat filters to them, then send them straight to Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter (there are other sharing options available, but these three are the ones I use). It really does make my mediocre pictures look cool, especially those low-light ones. Free. iPhone only.

TeuxDeux – It’s my go-to To-Do app. TeuxDeux is cool in that it has a sister website that sync seamlessly. I enter my To-Dos every morning on the website and then I can cross them off during the day as I go about my business. Any incomplete to-dos are automatically forwarded to the next day. $2.99 for the app, the website is free. iPhone only (they are working on an Android app).

Momento – Love, love, love this app. It grabs all my tweets, Facebook updates, Flickr posts, Foursquare check-ins and puts them in a diary style format. I can go back to any date and see what I was doing. This is great for memory-keeping and I refer to it for inspiration on a regular basis. $2.99. iPhone only.

iRewardChart – This is how I motivate my kids to do chores. They have a chore list and for every completed chore they get a gold star. I put in rewards that they can earn and trade stars in to “buy” the rewards. It’s not all stuff, in fact, it’s mostly experiences. They love getting stars and planning what to spend them on. Free Lite version with limitations, $3.99 full version. iPhone only.

RL Free – This is a mileage log. Admittedly it hasn’t been getting much use since I got all gung-ho on getting the house decluttered and fixed up. Still, it’s a nifty little app and I’ll get back to it when I start exercising on the treadmill again. Free. iPhone only.

WW Mobile – Tracking my points and looking up food on the go makes sticking to the plan a little easier. A little. Free, but requires a WW membership to access all of the tools. Full version iPhone only, although there are calculators for other platforms.

Waldo – Remember Where’s Waldo? He has an iPhone app. Great game for me, since I loved Waldo as a kid and a great game for my kids who are learning to love Waldo now! $0.99. iPhone only (that I have found).

The Games


Bejeweled 2 – Connects to Facebook so you can maintain your habit. Not that I do that or anything. It also has other styles of game play available. $0.99. Available for Android here.

Angry Birds – Flinging birds from a slingshot into structures trying to destroy pigs. What’s not to love? It’s a huge plus that they add new levels periodically, so the game never gets stale. $0.99. Available for Android here.

Sneezies – Captain Chaos’ favorite game. You touch the screen to release a puff of sneezing powder which causes the sweet little puffball sneezies to sneeze and pop the bubbles that they are trapped in. Free the sneezies! Free lite version, $0.99 full version. iPhone only.

Monopoly – Exactly what you think it is, without all the little pieces and paper money to lose. $2.99 for iPhone. $6.99 for Here and Now version for Android here.

Oregon Trail – Another nostalgia buy for me. Get your family across the country to settle the Oregon territory. The girls really like this one and I do too. the graphics are certainly better than what I remember! $0.99. iPhone only.

Paper Toss – Another Chaos fave – he calls it the trash game. Flick paper balls across the screen into a trash can. Different difficulty levels make this one fun. Pay attention to the fan/wind speed and try not to annoy your co-workers! Free. Available for Android here.

Words Free – I am a slacker and can’t remember my log-in for this one. It’s Scrabble for the iPhone. I really need to reset my account so I can dominate show-off my mad skillz play again. Free with ads, $2.99 without ads. Available for Android here.

Math Drills – Math on the go. I think the girls wish this one would disappear from my phone. Practice addition, subtraction, mutiplication, and division skills. Free lite version, $1.99 full version. iPhone only (though I am sure Android has something similar).

Fruit Ninja – Fruit flies through the air and you use your samurai sword to chop it in half before it falls. Suprisingly addictive. I like Zen mode since it has no penalties and I get to slice fruit for 90 seconds. Free lite version, $0.99 full version. $1.21 Android version here.

Dino Rush – I picked this one up for free. The kids really like it, but I don’t spend too much time with it myself. Chaos just loves that it involves a dinosaur. $0.99. iPhone only (?).

Social Networking


Facebook – Handle all my Facebook business here. Free. Available for Android here.

HootSuite – Monitor Twitter feeds and write tweets right here. I use this on my computer, so it was natural for me to add it to my phone. Free. Available for Android here.

Foursquare – Check-in wherever you go. Check-in at one place often enough and become the Mayor of that place. Favorite part of this one is that lots of places are offering perks when you check-in – free appetizers at restaurants, perks for the mayor, etc. Really awesome! Quick tip – if you want to be mayor you have to have a picture. Free. Available for Android here.

Tapatalk – Online forums that have this add-on can be accessed through this app, which is a little easier than through Safari. I only have one forum that I use this for, and I like it much better than going through Safari. Since I am on the Log Your Memory Team I felt it was important to be able to access the forum for announcements, etc. even when I am away from my computer for an extended time. $2.99 for iPhone and Android.



Directv – Check listings and set the DVR from the phone. Awesome! It kind of goes without saying that you need to be using Directv, and you’ll need to set-up an online account with them. Free and available for most mobile platforms.

Fandango – I use this one mostly to check movie listings when we’re on the road. Sometimes you just need to see a movie. Mostly I use it when we haven’t had time to really plan a date night and want to check the listings on the way to dinner. It’s faster than calling MovieFone. Free. Available for Android here.

Pandora – Free customizable personalized radio. I have a Pop station, a Rock station and a Beatles station. It’s great that I can give a thumbs down to songs I don’t like and over time the channels come to reflect my personal tastes. Love it! Free. Available for Android here. I have heard that it cuts off after 40 hours of use in a month though I have never used it that much.

Netflix – You have to have a Netflix membership. Watch Instant View on my phone. We only use this one with a wi-fi connection though so I don’t overuse 3G. Free app, $8.99/month minimum membership. iPhone only.

YouTube – Self-explanatory. This one comes loaded on the phone already.



Kindle – Love this app. I have so many free books loaded in my Kindle app it’s scary. The really great thing is that it syncs across all platforms so I never lose my place and I always have a book handy when I get unexpected downtime. I subscribe to this blog for updates on free books. Free. Available for Android here.

iBooks – the Apple version. I don’t use this one a whole lot but it has some kids books (free) on it, so I leave it on the phone. Free. iPhone only.

Nook – Not as loved as the Kindle. For whatever reason it won’t sync across platforms. That makes it a pain to find my place sometimes. There aren’t as many free books offered as Kindle, so I only have a couple loaded here that I got with a B&N gift card from Groupon. Free. Available for Android here.

Goodreads – I keep a list of books that I want to read here. So nice to be at the library and be able to look up a book to check out. No more trying to remember that book a friend recommended! I can also update my progress in currently reading books, see what my friends have posted and edit my lists. I usually do this at the library while the kids are playing/browsing. Free. $0.99 on Android here.

YouVersion – This is a Bible app. It has many versions of the Bible available to choose from and a ton of Bible reading plans. I really like having this one because it eliminates the excuses for not reading the Bible daily. I always have my Bible with me! Free. Available on most platforms.



Tumblr – I have this one, but rarely use it since getting Momento. I am debating removing it from my phone, but kinda keep hoping that I’ll find a good use for this one. I like the idea of Tumblr, but just haven’t found a good way to really put it to work. Free. Available for Android here.

WordPress – for this here bloggy. I mainly use this one for approving comments on the go. The iPhone screen is just too small to compose full posts on, though I will admit to jotting ideas into the app and saving the post as a draft for updating later. Free. Available for Android here.

Evernote – I can access all of my Evernote notebooks on my phone. I tend to use Evernot on my computer for cataloging inspiration and ideas for the house. This is really helpful when we are out and I want to show Party Boy the inspiration for an idea. I am not very good about describing what a final product will look like, but if I can show him a picture he can usually get onboard and help me find what I need. Free. Available on most platforms.

DailyDigi – I can keep up with posts from the DailyDigi, layouts posted to inspiration Flickr stream, and other resources. I access this when I don’t want to pull up a book, but need to kill a few minutes. Free. iPhone only.

FeeddlerRss – This one syncs with my Google Reader and I can read all of the blogs that I subscribe to right on my phone. Free. iPhone only.



Amazon – For price comparisons when I am out shopping. This is especially nice for those bigger ticket items that I sometimes get surprised with when we’re all out. If it might qualify for free shipping I always check this before buying in the store. Free. Available for Android here.

RedLaser – This one is cool! I can take a photo of the barcode on an item and it searches the web for the best price. Usually Amazon has the best price, but not always. I have mostly used this one on DVDs and Video games that are widely carried by the Big Box stores. Free. Available for Android here.

Groupon – Great discounts – I got a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card for $10. I check this one daily to see if there’s anything good for sale. Free. Available on most platforms.

Grocery Gadget – I put my grocery list in this app and the kids check things off while we shop. It keeps them from whining at the store and I get my shopping done in relative peace. Since I always have my phone with me I can update my list anytime I realize we are running low/out of something. No more trying to remember what it was we needed that I thought of while we were driving home/at the restaurant/at the library. Free lite version, $4.99 for full version. Free and $0.99 Available for Android here.


So there you go. My go-to iPhone apps. I have tried my best to turn my phone into a real workhorse. It works for me and I definitely feel more organized since it also has all of my calendars, email, and contacts. It’s saved me on more than one occasion when I needed access to information that otherwise would have been only at home.

So, what’s your favorite app?

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5 thoughts on “iPhone Apps I can’t live without

  1. Jennifer says:

    Living Social is like Groupon. I check it routinely.
    I check this blog http://bargainbriana.com/ because besides daily deals, she rounds up good online groupon deals from other cities.

    I play Rummikub and of course Angry Birds seasons.

    But since mine is a touch and not a phone, I don’t do as much with it.

  2. shirley says:

    Great list of apps! I’m going to check out that Momento App – sounds like something I would enjoy. I also use Instagram – it’s a great photo app.

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  5. Rupert says:

    This is a great list! I just picked up four of five that you recommended (Oregon Trail represent!) that I didn’t have. My favorite app of all time wasn’t listed though…the TV Everywhere app from DISH Network I’ve been using as a customer/employee since it came out. Let’s me watch TV on my mobile device anywhere I can get a 3G connection…way better than the recent DirecTV offering.

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