Passover Seder

We participated in a Seder at our church today put on for the retired members. It was fun and a learning opportunity. The kids were participants and they all did wonderfully, behaving and helping when they were asked. Children play a pretty key role in the Seder meal, as it is intended as a teaching tool. I was just there to make sure nobody fell asleep at the table or pulled a tablecloth down.

The Seder meal lasts 1-1/2 hours and that’s an eternity to a little 3-year-old boy. Especially since you don’t eat for the first part! So, I did what any other mother in my place would have done. I promised ice cream if he would behave.

When we finally started eating the leader talked about the bitter herbs – in our case, horseradish. We were instructed to eat and before I could stop him Captain chaos squealed, “RANCH!” grabbed a handful of horseradish and shoveled it into his mouth. To his credit, he didn’t cry. He did try to wipe off his tongue with a napkin then eat every piece of matzoh bread in reach to try to kill the taste. Good times. I would have cried.

The girls really enjoyed the experience and I think they learned a little bit too, which is always a plus.


Weeks 2 and 3 of Project Life. It’s coming together really fast. Once I catch up I’ll just post weekly.





Plentiful and Smarshmellows by Shabby Princess. WordArt by Suddenly Artistic. Dates Misty Cato Date Bits 19. Font – Designer Notes.

Admittedly, most of these pictures would never see the light of day, they’re not all very good technically speaking. But I love them and they reflect our everyday pretty well. I am happy I found a project for them to call home.

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